Friday, October 14, 2011

Hill Country Memorial Hospital: Insights from the TMIT Team

Gordon Sauer, Hill Country Memorial Board of Directors
TMIT Web Developer Ben Padula attended the Hill Country Memorial Hospital meeting we filmed for our Discovery Channel documentary, Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami: Bring Your Best Board. He was inspired by the meeting and had the following summary:

“Hill Country Memorial Hospital and foundation board chairs 'get it.' It was amazing to see Gordon Sauer and Frosty Rees share their thoughts so openly and transparently. With leadership like that behind the scenes, the HCM leadership team must have all the confidence in the world! That was special to see.

"Another great takeaway from the meeting was that everyone’s opinion is valuable and important. I thought it was fascinating how Bob Chapman, the CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, said that these principles they now teach did not come from a book! They came from asking the people on the front lines of their companies. These principles are not rocket surgery; they only require some respectful listening. Bob demonstrated how he truly values the thoughts of every person by insisting that we each share our thoughts at ­length to start the afternoon session. This level of respect really touched me.”

Laura Slayton is the Director of Social Media and Program Development for TMIT. She had the following reaction to the Hill Country Memorial and Barry-Wehmiller meeting:

“I was most moved by two poignant lessons that day. Bob Chapman eloquently shared his notion that all of the people who work in his industry are to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. They are all, after all, someone's children, regardless of their age, level in the organizational chart, educational background, or professional title. Bob Chapman takes the responsibility very seriously and it was evident in his words that he shared with our group. This same notion was echoed in Mike Williams’ presentation, in which he articulated the importance of finding and celebrating the opportunity to use our 'authentic swing.' He, too, illustrated the critical importance of people finding their gifts and putting them to use on the job, regardless of industry. Ultimately, we all want all of our days to count, to have the energy to greet the day, and to feel that there are countless possibilities to use our talent and our own 'authentic swing' to make the world a better place in the work that we do each day. Bob Chapman reminded us that we are all somebody’s children and our workplace can hurt, or hold up in high esteem, the 'children' who walk through those double doors each and every day they come to work. I thank him for that amazing viewpoint and reminder.”

Bob Chapman, CEO Barry-Wehmiller Companies

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  1. For all those in attendance on 13 October, it was a powerfully emotional day. It is rare for leaders of three organizations to meet for the first time and completely bare souls and share thoughts with no constraints. With Bob Chapman, Chuck Denham and Mike Williams leading us, we committed ourselves and dedicated our efforts to change the world. I think the experience is best summed up by Mike Williams comment, "It was as if thirty-three people entered the conference room and God locked the door."
    Steve Sosland
    Hill Country Memorial COO